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Date: 18 June 2003

Manicminis Scottish Synopsis

by Neil Burgess

As our merry band of ralliers gathered in Dumfries we scruitineered, found our beds and settled down for a busy weekend ahead. Matt Gray, Paul Clark, Stuart Williams and Christian Malin joined myself and Anna to be blissfully unaware of the next days events.

Over the start ramp for a nice chat with commentator Paul Muselle, merrily trundling to the first stage and what do we find at a road junction? A normal (ie non competing) Vauxhall Corsa nicely parked in the rear end of our Mini. Needless to say this shook us and poor Mildred the Mini up somewhat.

Thanks to a marshals assistance and that of Paul Heath we made our way to the stages. The hard working service crew patched up the Mini but unfortunately the crew were not so easy. After surviving the first day despite huge problems with focus and concentration we were forced to retire before the first stage of leg 2. Crashing on a stage is one thing, suddenly being impacted from behind on the road is quite another.

Still we have three weeks to get the car fixed (already at Langley Autocraft awaiting insurance assessment). Spent most of today educating the insurance company about all the costs which will need to be covered. Ho hum.

We have to have a better time of it on the Jim Clark!!!

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