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ah!A's of Herts, Beds & Bucks Mini Owners Clubah!

A's of Herts, Beds & Bucks Mini Owners Club, a car club for anybody interested in Alec Issigonis' Mini and the New MINI from BMW.

Our members come from the counties of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England.

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We're Back!

Sorry for all those still looking for asofherts.com, but due to hijacking, we have had to move our web site to www.asofherts.org instead.

We are still in the moddle of sorting it out, so can only apologise if you get bad links within this site. I am currently waiting for the birth of my second child, so don't have much time at the moment. In the new year I hope to have a new improved site for you all!

Tim, The A's of Herts Webmaster

new reports
[08/07/2003] Herts 2003 - Competition Winners
[08/07/2003] Herts 2003 - Competition Winners 2
[05/07/2003] Edinburgh spirit to give rally Mini a ghost of a chance
[18/06/2003] Manicminis Scottish Synopsis
[18/06/2003] The New Diesel MINI - Press Kit

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new reports
[08/07/2003] Herts 2003
[09/06/2003] Herts Tour 2003
[21/07/2002] Herts Mini Show 'Sports Personality' Party - July 6 2002
[21/07/2002] Herts Mini Show - July 6-7 2002
[09/10/2001] Castle Combe 2001

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