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Date: 2003-12-03 10:34:59
Name: kat
Comment: hi all, jus an message to say hi to all the mini lovers out there. oh if any one knows where I could get a mini to do up for under £300 email me at kat20039@hotmail.com. Many thanks Kat

Date: 2003-11-13 16:31:51
Name: Jordan Falco
Homepage: Mini Park
Comment: hello mini people! its taken me months to find this site again! hope to see everyone at the mini 45, cant wait! oooo and L2B 2004... what a cracker its going to be!

Date: 2003-11-03 23:27:40
Name: Mark Banks
Comment: I would just like to wish Neil Burgess (a.k.a. Mr Bean (ha ha ha)) all the best for his Rally GB event this weekend, Nov 6th - 9th 2003. And also congratulate him on his recent media super star status. Well done mate, I'm sure you'll be great. It will be a historic Mini occasion. Mark Ex life member no. 171 (work that one out?)

Date: 2003-07-18 00:01:48
Name: claire
Comment: this is a great site yet again i am another mini fanatic i have a green mini cooper but yet to take my driving test, although the subframe needs replacing which is being done at the mo cant wait to get in my car and come to all the events xx

Date: 2003-07-16 22:19:21
Name: Austen
Homepage: my site
Comment: joining this club was the best thing I've done in a long time, I currently own a red mayfair, at the mo the autobox is being swapped, can't wait to get it back on the road, (mainly coz I'm tripping over wheels bumbers and grills that need to be fitted!) I was at the Herts show all weekend and it was great! look forward to it next year (with any luck with my mini!)

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